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[28 Apr 2004|09:57pm]
i love my life
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high as hell [17 Apr 2004|09:55pm]
beach time with the slovaks . . .
Last night ...
I pissed myself
Lauren Puked
Brooke got arrested
Bryan passed out watching disney movies
We got brookes dads slovakian friends who can't speak english to funnel beers.
Its A BeachThing: when did u find out you pissed yourself
Its A BeachThing: this morning?/
x DeaD SocIety: yeah i found out when i woke up and my pants were soaked..
good times

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bored [17 Apr 2004|08:03pm]
Local LB321: brookegot arrested
I AM STUPID0013: yah the bitch was supposed to clal me to tell me the whole story
Local LB321: lol
I AM STUPID0013: what happened?
Local LB321: yea we got all drunk wioth slovaks and every buddy dthen brook e and scottie go on a ride and next thing i kno brookes pulles over
Local LB321: and scottie wasnt even pulled over and he stoped and walked toward the cop
Local LB321: and they both got handcuffed searched and had to walk a line
I AM STUPID0013: could the cop smell it on them?
Local LB321: scottie caught a DWI and
Local LB321: yea
I AM STUPID0013: oh shiot
Local LB321: and his car got inpoubnded
Local LB321: that shit is fucked up
Local LB321: and im in tyrouble for it
I AM STUPID0013: that fuckin sucks
Local LB321: hell yea
I AM STUPID0013: why the hell u in trouble
Local LB321: cause brooke and me decided to throw a party on are roof and smoke pot and drink caption morgan then the next day we werre all hung over but she didnt care but now since brooke got pulled over im fucken grounded and every time i ask my mom a question she tells me to got smoke some pot
Local LB321: and figure it out
I AM STUPID0013: hahaha
Local LB321: its sucks
I AM STUPID0013: thats fuckin hilarious
I AM STUPID0013: i wish my parents would say that
Local LB321: no you dont it sucks cause u really do wanna smoke and then u cant casue ur stuck in fuckin side
I AM STUPID0013: lol
I AM STUPID0013: ture
I AM STUPID0013: true
Local LB321: yea
I AM STUPID0013: man i wish me n b-nigg threw parties together n smoked all the time as a pair
I AM STUPID0013: that would be the life
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high [12 Apr 2004|10:02am]
last nighdrinkin captin morgan me brooke kiley leo and brenden on my roof smoken blunts and night drinkin captin morgan while buzzkillwas home
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smoke blunts [04 Apr 2004|09:28pm]
lets just smoke dutches
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high [21 May 2003|08:20pm]
I rather puff blunts and get drunk then have a family
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word up [10 Jan 2003|09:53pm]
chillin wit my sis and her friends yo
i got to go cuz im talking to somebody
nately is a cunt and tries to be kool wit my cuz and she is a dumb bitch
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yo long time no c [26 Sep 2002|08:54pm]
[ mood | high ]

Gingerbreadman55: i cut bri with a switch blade
then i fucked the shit out of the maid
florence4life321: i cut wit sisors ripp ur intestents out wit a close hanger and
florence4life321: and ur balls wit grop to the grund\
florence4life321: like spat
Gingerbreadman55: fuck that
florence4life321: hahah
florence4life321: a
Gingerbreadman55: i be slicing you quick and when im done ill tea bag you wit my dick
florence4life321: fuck that shit i get ur mom to cut off ur head and all shit down ur throught
Gingerbreadman55: then well see whos the bitch
florence4life321: nicca plezzzz
Gingerbreadman55: nicca you done we see whos having fun
Gingerbreadman55: when i cut off your balls and make you army craws across the floor
Gingerbreadman55: whore
florence4life321: ill slays and dash cut another hole in ur ass play tennise wit urballs the fuck u like brenden fuckes sheep
Gingerbreadman55: lets explore
Gingerbreadman55: sore
Gingerbreadman55: youl be sore to the core
florence4life321: check it u cant be me i cut u i kill u ifuck u up
florence4life321: nicca
Gingerbreadman55: ill cut you up wont even read your will ill just take your bills
florence4life321: i fuck u up from here to china i cut u lwit a my huntin knife so far u see ur bone s from ur chest to ur feet
Gingerbreadman55: spend that shit buy myself a new baseball mit
florence4life321: yo fuck that i cut u bitch fuck all ur shit u wont belive it nicca
Gingerbreadman55: yeah ill cut you up put you on the bus so i cant hear you fuz
florence4life321: i cut ur dick off my u sulrp that shit like spegttie and make u eat ur balls like meatballs
Gingerbreadman55: suck my balls ill cut you up and push youy down niagra falls
florence4life321: yo yea right i fuck all ur shit up cut u wit some siccors and razor blades and give u ur own tube steak smuttered in under were
Gingerbreadman55: you cant ryme
Gingerbreadman55: but its fine
florence4life321: yea i can rape i can ryme do the time watch me beat ur ugly behine
Gingerbreadman55: you rape
Gingerbreadman55: you know that illegile
florence4life321: rap**
Gingerbreadman55: lol
florence4life321: haha
Gingerbreadman55: your so white
florence4life321: i kno
Gingerbreadman55: that was fun
florence4life321: yea it was

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what im going to do on my weekend [26 Jul 2002|03:49pm]
i going to get fucked up
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what im going to do on my weekend [26 Jul 2002|03:48pm]
i going to get fucked up
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IM BORED AS FUCK [27 Jun 2002|11:20pm]
IM BORED AS SHIT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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chillan [10 Jun 2002|09:44pm]
yo chillan at my house updatein my livejournal i got drunk on friday night brenden threw up than jake trew up and the smell hit my ass than i threw up than leo acutally stared to dring a lil bit qand threw up cuz he said he wuz left out
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chillan [06 Jun 2002|04:41pm]
yo im chillan wit my cuz and i jst felt like updatin my live journal an dim going down the shore wit leo this weekend well he goin wit me so peace out
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yo yo yo [18 May 2002|03:47pm]
im bored as fuck and im at my cuz house tryiin to get head from his gurl!!!haha he gettin real pissed
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yo motherfuckers [16 May 2002|08:45pm]
[ mood | high ]

whats the deal? i got office detentions all week and saturday skool fer the next 3 saturdays. that sucks. i skiped skool wit drew n phil and got caught down by the river by my mom. how did that bitch find me? that sux. im grounded now. thats gay.

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im bored [12 May 2002|07:51pm]
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bored as fuck [09 May 2002|07:49pm]
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my sis smoeks crak [25 Apr 2002|08:21pm]
[ mood | high ]

my sister is having a mud wresling tournamint in my backyard this sumer. thats gunna be hot. im gonna invite girls and get naked.

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[25 Apr 2002|04:04pm]
im bbored as shit and mymoms beein a bitch abd my dad hurt his back
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chillan [25 Apr 2002|07:20am]
gusse wut? IM NOT GOIN TO SCHOOL TODAY!!!!!!!so if u want to chill jus holla back thugs
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